FINALDATA Public site FINALDATA can restore data from accidental erase or lost digital camera/photo data. Restore data with enhanced search against data loss such as erasing the video data by mistake (digital camera), or if the SD card has become unreadable.

Core team:

  • Koji Kinoshita – Senior Developer, AOS DATA
  • Yuzo Katoh – Executive Officer, AOS DATA
  • Yuji Uchiyama – Executive Officer
  • Shozo Arai – Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Japan
  • Kazuki Tsuguma - App Consultant, Microsoft Japan

Customer profile

The main business of AOS DATA, Inc. is the development and sale of utility software for the Windows operating systems. In particular, for 17 years straight in Japan, AOS DATA has been providing the No. 1 client PC data recovery software, “FINAL DATA”, which has become the de facto standard for this application. Additionally, the company offers services such as data management and product services using security-related technologies, AOSBOX (cloud backup service), Risk Manager (data file erasing tool), and InCircle (Enterprise chat tool), among others.

Problem statement

The various products from AOS DATA, Inc., including Final Data, are preinstalled on Windows PC OEM products. They urgently need to respond to OEM makers’ requests to develop a Windows Store version of the product. They are considering developing a universal Windows platform (UWP), but they anticipate that project would entail substantial man-hours and costs. A major challenge associated with system utility software is the need for system administration rights. There are multiple technical challenges during conversion:

  1. The current installer cannot be converted to a UWP App using the Desktop App Converter.
  2. FINALDATA being a system utility required administrative privileges to run the app.
  3. When using administrative privileges, desktop bridge security mechanism messages are displayed.

To handle these issues, we took the following steps:

Solution, steps, and delivery

  1. Held Hackfest (intensive technical implementation and coding session) for Desktop Bridge.
  2. Discussed issues on running UWP App of FINALDATA.
  3. Published UWP App to Windows Store.

1. Hackfest

In the Hackfest, the procedure was as follows:

  • Discuss with users on how do get administrative privileges.
  • Discuss with users on how to co-exist with desktop bridge security.
  • In case of issues, discussed and decided on the steps to resolving them.
  • As required, provide new sample code of script

Hackfest 1Hackfest 2Hackfest 3

2. Discuss issues on running UWP App of CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

  1. Q&A
    How to use Desktop App Converter: We provide hands-on manual and sample code.
    Can’t sign to Appx Package: Our investigation result is wrong certification. So we provide how to create digital certification document. About CDAA result digital signature of executable binaries. We offer to refine the message as promote to lunch app with administrative privileges.

  2. Issue:
    Can’t convert FINALDATA to UWP App. We provided the document of manual conversion.

  3. How do get administrative privileges?
    We offer basic practice as separation of administrative privileges and lead user to launch as administrator’s right.

  4. Issue:
    How do exist together desktop bridge security?
    We offer the specific technique, and make concept codes. By concept codes, we understood “can exist together desktop bridge security”. So we provided new application structure as FINALDANAT launch procedure. Of course, this methodology includes security risk. So we don’t publicize this concept code.

3. Published UWP App to Windows Store

Special thanks to Kazuki Tsuguma (Microsoft App Consultant), who helped to publish the Windows App. The package is now available on Windows Store.


Opportunities going forward

AOSDATA now has the app ready for Windows Store. They are planning to convert other applications to UWP App. They are thinking new sales channel as Windows Store.


AOSDATA developer team successfully converted FINALDATA app. They are expecting to have broader customer reach with Windows Store. As a result, they learned variety technique of administrative privileges and how to convert methodologies. They went ahead with Windows Store. A customer quote is as follow.

“We get to convert FINALDATA to a Windows Store app without adjusting the executable file.The app is now on Windows Store, and outcome is still yet to see since it was only a week ago. However, we already appreciate that FINALDATA is now on Windows Store, easily found from many users, and hoping it helps the app be widely used by many customers.” by Koji Kinoshita – Senior Developer

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